Active participation in academic conferences, workshops, and schools, with a priority on those located abroad, is an important part of completing a doctorate. If you are giving a lecture or presenting a poster as the first author, you can apply for a travel allowance from the Research Academy Leipzig once per year.

If you are giving a lecture at a conference or presenting a poster, we can provide support in the form of a travel allowance. Photo: Christian Hüller


We generally only provide travel allowances and do not cover all of the costs. In other words, we cover 50 percent of the total costs, but no more than €500 for travelling inside Europe and €800 for international travel outside Europe. We will pay the travel allowance retroactively after you have submitted all of the receipts.

Please note that before your trip begins you must have a request to travel form signed by your supervisor and then submit it to your faculty or institute.

We can also provide partial support if you would like to conduct field research or participate in a winter or summer school. Allowances for longer field research stays as a part of the Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences are based on the length of the stay. In the case of research stays, we ask that you submit a written explanation/endorsement from your supervisor. Travel within Germany is only supported in exceptional cases.

The board of directors for the respective graduate centre approves applications for travel allowances.


Please submit your Application for a Travel Allowance at least six weeks before the start of the trip. The completed form and copies or scans of the attachments can be submitted in advance by email. However, you must then send the signed form together with the attachments by postal mail.

Please send your application to Viola Gründemann.


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