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In doctoral and postdoctoral research, conflicts can arise between doctoral researchers, postdocs, supervisors and other parties for a variety of reasons. If you are unable to resolve a conflict yourself, there is the option of contacting the University’s conciliators in confidence.

The office is currently held by Professor Roderich Andres Barth (Faculty of Theology) and Dr Nadja Walter (Faculty of Sport Science). They are appointed by the Rectorate for a term of two years and are available to all persons in the academic qualification phase as well as their supervisors as a neutral point of contact: doctoral researchers, postdocs and (supervising) professors from all of Leipzig’s faculties, with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine. Members of the Faculty of Medicine should contact its Ombudsperson for Doctoral Researchers directly, Professor Johannes Hirrlinger.

The conciliators are available for impartial consultations. They provide a straightforward, non-bureaucratic approach to discussing conflicts in connection with academic qualification before they become more acute.

The Research Academy office provides the conciliators with organisational assistance; both work independently and are committed to the principles of confidentiality, fairness and neutrality. You can find detailed information here.