The Board of Directors assists the Head of the Research Academy Leipzig. The external representatives on the Academic Advisory Board advise and evaluate the Research Academy.

Board of Directors

The Board consists of the following members:

  • the Head of the Research Academy Leipzig
  • the Executive Board of the Research Academy Leipzig
  • the directors of the three Graduate Centres
  • the spokespersons of the Graduate Schools
  • the Director of the Leibniz Programme
  • three representatives from the Faculties
  • the Doctoral Representatives for the Research Academy Leipzig

The Board of Directors meets about every two months.

Areas of responsibility

  • developing and monitoring quality assurance and quality management, for example, by regularly reviewing the quality assurance policy for the structured doctoral programmes
  • planning and distributing resources to the Graduate Centres
  • deciding on the establishment, modification and discontinuation of doctoral programmes in the Graduate Centres
  • coordinating doctoral programmes and ensuring coherence to programme regulations as per the curricular framework
  • reporting to the Academic Advisory Board
  • awarding the Katharina Windscheid Prize

Members of the Board of Directors

Professor Erich Schröger

Professor Erich Schröger

Vice-Rector for Research and Young Academics

Ritterstraße 26
04109 Leipzig

Dr Kornelia Ehrlich

Dr Kornelia Ehrlich

Managing Director

Wächterstraße 30
04107 Leipzig

Default Avatar

Professor Manfred Droste

Director of the Graduate Centre Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

Professor Ulf Engel

Professor Ulf Engel

Director of the Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences

Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

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Professor Matthias Middell

Spokesperson for the Graduate School Global and Area Studies

Emil-Fuchs-Straße 1
04105 Leipzig

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Professor Marius Grundmann

Vice Dean of Research for the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences; Spokesperson for the Graduate School BuildMoNa

Linnéstraße 5
04103 Leipzig

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Georg Albert

Doctoral Representative for the Graduate Centre Life Sciences

International Research Training Group TreeDì
Deutscher Platz 5e, Room 3.213
04103 Leipzig

Telephone: +49 341 97-33188

Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board evaluates the Research Academy Leipzig’s activities and makes recommendations for further development. The Academic Advisory Board consists of up to six external representatives from various disciplines.


  • Professor Manfred Salmhofer, Heidelberg University
  • Professor Julia Fischer, University of Göttingen
  • Professor Michael Geyer, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Henrike Hartmann, Volkswagen Foundation
  • Professor Peter Scherrer, University of Graz
  • Professor Bernhard Englitz, Radboud University

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