We support postdoctoral researchers who have a refugee background or who are no longer able to conduct research freely in their country by providing funding for a stay at our university.

International researchers at the Humanities Centre (GWZ) at Leipzig University. Photo: Christian Hüller

Funding Priorities

This pillar of the Leibniz Programme makes it possible to invite postdoctoral researchers whose research work is severely restricted due to the political situation in their home countries. It provides short-term financial support in the form of a monthly flat-rate allowance of €2600 gross for up to three months. Applicants should work to secure longer-term funding for their continued stay at Leipzig University (e.g. DFGPhilipp Schwartz Initiative).


Proposals can only be submitted by staff members at Leipzig University who hold a doctorate. The proposals should demonstrate how the person to receive support will be integrated into the local working group and how longer-term funding will be secured for the time after the three months of funding from Leibniz Chance.

Please contact us if you or someone you know is an ideal candidate for this support.


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Dr Ahmet Kerim Gültekin

Dr Gültekin received funding from Leibniz CHANCE so that he could continue his research until he began receiving financial support from the Philipp Schwarz Initiative.

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Dr Ahmet Kerim Gültekin

Dr. Ahmet Kerim Gültekin ist Stipendiat der Philipp-Schwarz-Initiative und Mitglied in der Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe "Multiple Secularities - Beyond the West, Beyond Modernities". Foto: Swen Reichhold
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