Since 1994, highly renowned international researchers have been awarded the Leibniz Professorship to teach and research for a semester at Leipzig University.

Die ehemalige Leibniz-Professorin Scarlett Cornelissen spricht beim Symposium zum Thema „Science Policy Interfaces“ zu Alumnae und Alumni des Leibniz-Programms und der Research Academy Leipzig. Foto: Swen Reichhold
Former Leibniz Professor Scarlett Cornelissen speaking to alumni of the Leibniz Programme and the Research Academy Leipzig at a symposium on Science Policy Interfaces. Photo: Swen Reichhold

Continuing Exchange

Alongside intergenerational academic exchange, the goal is to effectively support early career researchers in Leipzig.

At their home universities or external research institutions, the Leibniz Professors serve as ambassadors for Leipzig and as contact persons for early career researchers at our university.

Former visiting researchers through the Leibniz Programme return to Leipzig for alumni reunions to engage in substantive discussions with colleagues and early career researchers.

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