Doctorates’ Day 2021

The next doctorates' day will take place this year on November, 29.

Welcome to our Doctorates’ Day 2021!

The Research Academy Leipzig Welcomes You

We and our partners would like to welcome you!
Find information about your doctorate in Leipzig as well as the programme of the Docotrates' Day 2021.

Information About Your Doctorate in Leipzig

Here we answer general questions and provide you with information and links about pursuing a doctorate in Leipzig.

Two women talking inside the Bibliotheca Albertina during Doctorates’ Day in 2017

Your Doctorate in Leipzig

We present key information from the University’s faculties and our partners as well as links on the subject of pursuing a doctorate in Leipzig.

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FAQs and Service

We answer common questions and provide you with information about services related to your doctorate in Leipzig.

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Workshops and Events

We invited current and prospective doctoral researchers to attend our live online workshops and the events organised by our cooperation on and around Doctorates’ Day on 20 May 2021. Check out our regular workshop programme!

Introduction to Good Scientific Practice (GWP) – Authorship

Together, criteria are developed and everyday practice is discussed (in German).

“Promovieren geht über Studieren”

An introduction to the organisational and formal aspects of pursuing a doctorate

Scholarship Application for PhD Funding in Germany

This workshop gives a comprehensive overview of German PhD scholarships and advice on how to apply for them.

Is a Doctorate the Right Path for Me?

This workshop will help you to consider your own position and connect with others to support your decision-making.

Max Planck School of Cognition

20 May 2021, 10am: “A Cognition Lecture – The (Neuro)biology of Affect” by Professor Stefan Kölsch


Max Planck School of Cognition

20 May 2021, 2pm: “Cerebral Asymmetries in Humans and Other Animals” by Professor Onur Güntürkün


Faculty of Economics & Management Science

On 21 May 2021, 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m., the Advanced Macroeconomics (CGDE Doctoral Course)


Consultations and Other Services

Our partners and we, the Research Academy Leipzig, were available for online consultations on Doctorates’ Day 2021 or in other forms throughout the week. The respective representatives are also available to answer your questions outside of the Doctorates' Day.

eine Illustration zum Tag der Promotion mit verschiedenen Figuren, die vor und mit Browserfenstern interagieren

Consultation Session of the Research Academy Leipzig

Dr Kornelia Ehrlich and Viola Gründemann from the Research Academy

Graduate Centre GradZ of HTWK Leipzig

Susann Hannemann (Coordinator of GradZ) and Maria Schyjka (Enrolment)


Graduate School BuildMoNa

Coordinator of the Graduate School BuildMoNa Dr Alexandra Hildebrand


Graduate School Global and Area Studies

Coordinator of the Graduate School GAS Dr Martina Keilbach


Graduate Schools of CRC1423 and TRR67

Coordinators of the Graduate Schools of CRC1423 and TRR67 Anett Albrecht and Gunda Nitzsche


Graduate School yDiv

Coordinator of the Graduate School yDiv Dr Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Contact person for general questions about your doctorate at the faculty Ricarda Lohmann


Office for Equality, Diversity and Family Affairs

The team offered two events (in German), “t.e.a.m. für Promovendinnen – FAQ” and “Familienbande – Promotion & Vereinbarkeit”.


International Centre

Contact person for international doctoral researchers at the International Centre Betina Sedlaczek


Open Science Office

The Open Science Office of the University Library offers consultation hours on Mondays from 10–11am


E-Learning Course on Good Academic Practice

In cooperation with the (post)graduate academy of Goethe University Frankfurt, we permanently offer the e-learning course on Good Academic Practice During Doctoral Studies, in German or English.

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Award of the Doctoral Thesis Prize 2020

Rektorin Prof. Beate Schüking verleiht den Katharina-Windscheid-Preis an die Preisträgerin Dr. Giulia Sirianni. Foto: Christian Hüller

Doctoral Thesis and Katharina Windscheid Prize

We award annual doctoral thesis prizes and the Katharina Windscheid Prize for outstanding doctoral research. Find out more about the 2020 awardees and their research.

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