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Lecturers at the Competence School

Dr. Claudia Bade

Head of the Higher Education Didactics Centre Saxony (HDS) | State examination for teaching | doctorate (Dr. phil.) in educational science | several years of work experience in educational institutions abroad and as lecturer and science manager at various German universities

Dr. Benjamin Bigl
Post-doc and project leader of the Media Education Center of the district of North Saxony for the Saxon State Office for Private Broadcasting and New Media Research | assistant at the Institute for Communication Sciences, University of Leipzig | Teaching as lecturer at the Berufsakademie Sachsen and FOM Hochschule | (Co-founder) of the PhD Candidates' Council at Leipzig University

Sanja Dembic
Trainer for argumentation competence | doctoral studies at HU Berlin | Scholarship holder of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation | study of psychology, philosophy and gender studies | awardee of the Humboldt Prize for the Bachelor thesis in philosophy

Dr. Steffi Donath
Advisor at the Department of Research Services, Leipzig University | Head of Research Group, Information Systems Institute, Leipzig University | Doctorate in information systems, Leipzig University | Diplom in computer science, TU Dresden

Dr. Kornelia Ehrlich
EU-Liaison-Officer, Department for Research Services, Leipzig University| PhD, HU Berlin | Researcher at Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography | Studies of Cultural Studies/Hispanics at Leipzig University and Universidad de Salamanca/Spain

Dr. Malte Engel
Trainer for argumentation competence | PhD at the Chair of Ethics at HU Berlin with a scholarship from the Berlin School of Mind and Brain | Studies in philosophy, psychology and English at various German universities

Heike Feser
Administration consultant (Diplom) | Consultant in Employment and University Work | Executive at lower management level at the Employment Agency in Leipzig and Oschatz | Employment Consultant at the Leipzig Employment Agency

Photo: Andreas Keck

Sandro Freudenberg
Executive Trainer and Certified Business Coach | Master in Work and Organizational Psychology, Fernuniversität Hagen | Dipl.-Kaufmann Economics and Organizational Sciences, Munich | Executive in public service

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Gerhard Fuchs
EU Research Officer, Department of Research and Transfer Service, Leipzig University | Several years as Assistant to the Management, Leipzig and Business Journalist, Prague | Study of Economics, Heidelberg | Study of engineering, Stuttgart

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Katharina Günther
Research Associate of University Didactics, Leipzig University | Mag. English / Middle and New History | M. A. Abilities and Development of Competences | Several years working in international education projects

Photo: Stefan Bernhardt

Dr. Volker Hahn
Head of the Department "Media and Communication", German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) | University lecturer for film design | Dipl. Director, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg | Doctorate, Friedrich Schiller University Jena | Dipl. Geoecology, University of Bayreuth

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Dr. Anne Hamker
Trainer and lecturer in higher education at various universities and research institutes | strong research and teaching background in the humanities as well as in natural sciences (biology/neuroscience) | Doctorate in Art History | Study of Fine Arts / Visual Communication and German Studies

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Beatrice Hartung
Research Associate of University Didactics, Leipzig University | Freelance university didactic trainer | Additional training for university didactic multiplier | M. A. Adult Education | Study of Sociology, Political Science, Communication and Media Studies, Leipzig University

Photo: Christian Hüller

Carsten Heckmann
Dipl.-Journalist | Press Spokesman and Deputy Head of the Department of University Communication (Leipzig University) | Freelance journalist specializing in science and education, working for national media, i. a. "Die Zeit", Deutschlandfunk, Spiegel Online, German University Newspaper

Photo: Robert Gergaut

Dr. Thomas Heinze
Coach | Laboratory and Quality Manager in the Plastics Industry | Research Associate, Institute of Technical Chemistry, Leipzig University | Doctorate at the Institute of Technical Chemistry, Leipzig University | M. Sc. chemistry

Photo: Christian Starke Anett Hermann
Dipl.-Kauffrau | Certified Business Coach | Trainer for the science sector | Doctorate at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration as part of a European TMR scholarship | Study of economics

Rainer Holl
Slam Poet, Moderator and Coach | M. A. Applied Literature and Cultural Studies | Bachelor of Education in English / American Studies and Computer Science | since 2009 working as a Slam Poet and Author freelancing

Dr. Birgit Lukowski
Dipl.-Grafik-Designerin | M.A. Communication Design | Lecturer in visual communication and presentation technology, i. a. at the Design School Schwerin and Leipzig and the Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin | Founder of the graphics office Suedstern

Alexander Moritz
Dipl.-Sozialwirt specializing in economic and social psychology | Training as Rhetoric and Spokesperson (DGSS) | Lecturer for special tasks at the ZESS of the Georg-August-University Göttingen

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Jane Moros
Dipl.-Arabist | Associate at the International Office of Leipzig University | Postgraduate studies at the German Development Institute | Studied Arabic and Economics at Leipzig University

Dr. Christof Neumann
Postdoctoral Researcher, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland | Doctorate in Biology (Dr. rer. Nat.) at Leipzig University and the German Primate Center Göttingen | Fieldwork with various primate species in Thailand, Indonesia and the Ivory Coast

Photo: private

Dr. Katrin Rockenbauch
Dipl. Psychologist | Supervisor (DGSv) | Research associate for university didactics at "Lehrpraxis im Transfer plus", Leipzig University | Teacher for psychology in different health professions and in counseling and coaching in social work

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Prof. Dr. Rudolf Rübsamen
Managing Director of the Research Academy Leipzig | until 2017 Professor of General Zoology and Neurobiology at the University of Leipzig | since 2013 DFG Liaison Officer at Leipzig University

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Martin Sachse
Technology Consulting, AGIL GmbH Leipzig | Guest lecturer at TU
Ilmenau for product development with TRIZ | Startup Mentor for IT & Tech at SpinLab Leipzig | Diploma in Industrial Engineering (FH) | M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology | Patent Engineer (TU)

Christina Schmitz-Riol
Trainer, Consultant and Coach in Voice, Speech, Rhetoric and Communication | Institute Director and Founder of the Institute for Speech Formation | M. A. in Phonetics, Psychology, Speech Science and German Studies | Training as a personal coach

Jonathan Scholbach
Lecturer, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena | Juror in debating, i. a. Berlin Invitation Tournament and TIME DEBATE | Several years as a trainer, Debattiergesellschaft Jena e. V. | M. A. Literary Studies | B. A. German Studies and Philosophy

Dr. Sindy Schug
Research Associate at the Department of Research and Transfer Service, Leipzig University | Postdoctoral Researcher in Reproductive Medicine with own DFG project | Doctorate in Biochemistry (Dr. rer. nat.)

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Ingo Schüler
Consultant and trainer focusing on project management, controlling and strategic corporate governance | Consultant at various universities and graduate centers throughout Germany | Study of Economics | Training as an advertising salesman

Photo: Siegel

Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf
Freelance Trainer and Coach | Co-founder of "" | Several years of experience in science management, i. a. as a commissioner for appointment procedures and as head of university didactics at the University of Jena

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Dr. Dorothea Sommerfeld
Biologist | Training of PhD students since 2007 | Doctorate from the Marine Biological Association UK and the Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Sandra Stephan
Dipl.-Physicist | Dipl.-Finanzwirtin | Trainer and lecturer | Doctorate in X-ray physics, TU Dresden | Study of Physics, TU Munich and Leipzig University | Studied tax law, FH Meissen

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Nicole Tamka
Social scientist | Lecturer for the promotion of young talent at the Center for Teacher Education of JLU Gießen | Co-founder of "MethoDactics" | MA History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science | BA Social and Educational Sciences

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Pia Volk
Freelance journalist for Print, Radio and Online, i. a. FAS, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit, mare, das Magazin, Deutschlandfuk, NDR | Study of Geography (Magister), Heidelberg and Adelaide | Study of Journalism (M. A.), Leipzig | Scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

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Dr. Barbara Weiner
Acting Assistant Department for Research and Transfer Service, Leipzig University | Scientific Project Leader, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research | Postdoc Environmental Chemistry, University of Toronto | Doctorate in Chemistry, University of Groningen | Dipl. Chemistry, University of Freiburg

Photo: Yvonne Most

Jan Werth
Dipl.-Sprechwissenschaftler, MLU Halle-Wittenberg | Lecturer in Speech Education i. a. at the HMT Rostock, University Mozarteum Salzburg, MLU Halle-Wittenberg and Filmuniversität Potsdam-Babelsberg

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Dr. Alexandra Wiebke
Team Leader Service Center Young Researchers, Bielefeld University | Doctorate in Sociology | Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Young Researchers

Photo: Mario Konrad

Dr. Angelika Wolf
Several years of experience in the field of adult education, university research and science management | Doctorate, Heidelberg University of Education | Teaching at a secondary school for the visually impaired

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Prof. Dr. Hannes Zacher
Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, Leipzig University | Professorships at Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and University of Groningen | Doctorate in Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Gießen | Studied Psychology, TU Braunschweig and University of Minnesota


Juliane Rein

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