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Quality Assurance

Photo: Swen Reichhold / Universität Leipzig

The Research Academy Leipzig develops quality standards for the qualification of young scientists. These have been integrated into a quality assurance concept. This plan includes, among other things, requirements for creating, evaluating and completing programme classes at the Research Academy. In addition, criteria for assessment have been defined, as have procedures for the recruitment, selection, and admission of doctoral researcher to the classes. Support provided by university instructors and mentors to assist in the completion of the doctoral thesis have also been outlined.

Doctoral researchers in the programme classes enter into a supervision agreement with their advisors and mentors as part of the quality assurance plan. Through this agreement, participants determine the basic conditions under which their doctoral studies will be carried out. The supervision agreement should be based on the template for all doctoral projects at Leipzig University.

To ensure good scientific praxis, workshops are held regularly. The Research Academy receives support from the Office of the Ombudsman at the University of Leipzig. In promoting excellence in scientific praxis, the academy is guided by the recommendations of the German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) for protecting good scientific practice and the Leipzig University Statutes on Ensuring Good Scientific Practice.

"Science is based on integrity. This is one of the essential principles of good scientific practice and thus of any scientific work. Only honest science can ultimately be productive science and lead to new knowledge. Dishonesty, on the other hand, jeopardizes science. It destroys the trust of scientists and the trust of society in science, without which scientific work is also unthinkable."

Prof. Dr. Peter Strohschneider (DFG President), 2013