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Travel Allowance

Photo: Karoline Darmüntzel

All members of the Research Academy can apply to their respective Graduate Centre for travel allowances in order to attend conferences, meetings, workshops, etc. The prerequisite for applying is an active contribution in the form of a lecture or poster presentation (as the lead author).

Graduate Centre Mathematics/Computer Sciences and Natural Sciences

Graduate Centre Mathematics/Computer Sciences and Natural Sciences

Participation at scientific conferences, meetings or workshops in Germany and abroad is an important part of education in the sciences while pursuing a doctoral degree. The Graduate Centre Mathematics/Computer Sciences and Natural Sciences supports these activities through the allocation of travel allowances.

Please adhere to the guidelines for applying for a travel allowance and for receiving reimbursement for travel expenses.

Application for a Travel Allowance

Members of the Graduate Centre may apply at any time for travel allowances. The prerequisite for applying is active participation at an event (talk or poster presentation) by the applicant.

Applicants should submit the application form to Viola Gründemann in a timely manner, i.e. six weeks prior to the time of travel. Confirmation of your poster or presentation’s acceptance may be sent as an attachment via email.

Only travel allowances will be awarded; full funding is not available.

Travels expenses are reimbursed only after all relevant billing receipts have been submitted.

Additional Instructions

Please note that you must submit a travel authorization request to your respective Research Institute prior to travel.

Doctoral Researchers enrolled in IMPRS "Mathematics in the Sciences" must complete the Leipzig University travel authorization request, even if you have already submitted a travel authorization request in accordance with the guidelines of the Max-Planck-Institute.

Graduate Centre Life Sciences

Graduate Centre Life Sciences

All doctoral researchers, who are members of a class at the Graduate Centre for Life Sciences can apply for travel allowances through the Research Academy Leipzig.

Travel to symposia, conferences, and meetings abroad, at which the doctoral researcher takes an active part by giving a talk or poster presentation are encouraged. For poster presentations, the doctoral researcher must be the lead author. Travel within Germany as well as research stays will only receive financial support in exceptional cases.

Applying for a Travel Allowance

The application for a travel allowance can be made at any time. The completed form, along with copies or scans of required documentation may be submitted in advance via email. However, the signed form along with the attachments must then be sent via post.

Only travel allowances will be awarded (50% of the total costs, maximum 800€ for international travel expenses and 500€ for travel in Germany); full funding is not available.

Please send your application to Viola Gründemann.

Graduate Center Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Center Humanities and Social Sciences

A complete application for a travel allowance must be submitted at least two months prior to your planned trip and should include the following documents:

  • the completed application form
  • a detailed explanation of the purpose of your travel (min. length one page)
  • an abstract of your contribution, if applicable
  • official invitation to the conference or conference program, if applicable
  • statement of anticipated travel costs
  • curriculum vitae

Applications for travel allowances may be submitted to Viola Gründemann on the first of January, the first of April, the first of July and the first of October.

Following a positive decision by the Executive Board of the Graduate Centre, a travel authorization request must be submitted. Upon completion of the trip, an inventory of expenses, including original receipts must be presented in order to receive reimbursement.

For further information, please see the leaflet on allocations for additional costs and travel expenses.