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Pursuing a Doctorate in Leipzig

Photo: Swen Reichhold / Universität Leipzig

Leipzig University is a traditional comprehensive university at which all faculties can confer doctoral degrees. There are approximately 20 independent research institutes based in Leipzig, such as the Max-Planck Institute and the Leibniz Institute that further enrich the university’s research environment.

The right to confer doctorates is exercised by the 14 Faculties at Leipzig University. The person responsible for the doctoral researchers at each Faculty is the Faculty Administrator. The terms of acceptance for doctoral studies as well as the requirements for completion of the doctorate are detailed in the Doctoral Degree Regulations for each of the Faculties.

Why pursue a doctoral degree at Leipzig University?

In Leipzig, you will find the best conditions for pursuing a doctoral degree. Here, doctoral researches benefit from the following conditions:

  • A research-oriented, internationally recognized doctoral education that makes possible the production of knowledge at the highest level owing to its interdisciplinary focus and state-of –the-art facilities
  • The broad research spectrum of a comprehensive university that allows a doctoral degree to be conferred by all Faculties.
  • An excellent research environment with approximately 20 outstanding research facilities, such as the Max-Planck- Institute, the Helmholtz Institute, Fraunhofer Institute, and the Leibniz Institute
  • A multifaceted city with a vibrant character, Leipzig offers a lively cultural scene, affordable housing and trendy district. The new campus of Leipzig University is situated in the city centre.


Detailed information on pursuing a doctoral degree in Leipzig can be found at Studying In Leipzig on the University of Leipzig webpage or by downloading the “Guide for Pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Leipzig” published by the Council for PhD Candidates (ProRat) and the Research Academy Leipzig.