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Inaugural Lecture of the new Leibniz-Professor İştar Gözaydın


The Leibniz-Professor in the summer semester 2018 Prof.İştar Gözaydın will hold her inaugural lecture „The Desire Was There“ on 15 May at 6 pm at Villa Tillmanns.

Since 1994, the Leibniz-Professorship has been awarded biannually to renowned international scholars and is one of the highest honours conferred by Leipzig University. The Leibniz-Professor provides interdisciplinary instruction for graduates and students as well as conducts research. The goal is to stimulate cooperation, to create the foundation for scientific innovations, and to advance the training of junior scientists.

Inaugural address „The Desire Was There“
This lecture is a brief account of Turkey's path to authoritarianism especially in 2010's and its possible impact on international affairs. Much has already been achieved by Erdoğan, current president of Turkey, and yet on the other hand, apparently there is much that he fears. The passion remains to refashion the minds and bodies of the nation according to his own ideals just as the founding elite of the country had done back in their time, though certainly the contents totally differ. Erdoğan's way of dealing with things and the style he has imposed – polarisation, divisiveness, creation of new real or imaginary enemies at each significant juncture, the adoption of a personality cult to suppress a climate of negotiation – has been adopted to such an extent at all levels that, should he be toppled by an unforeseeable confluence of events, there is little ground to hope that his replacement will embody a more democratic and peaceful understanding of governance, policy or even of life.

We cordially invite all those interested to the inaugural lecture at Villa Tillmanns, room 03, Wächterstraße 30, 04107 Leipzig.

Further informationen on the Leibniz-Professorship at the Research Academy Leipzig

Registration for German Courses at the Research Academy Leipzig now open


In the upcoming summer semester 2018, starting on 10 April, there will be three German Language Courses taking place at the Research Academy Leipzig.

› German Language Course "First steps" (for beginners)

› German Languae Course "Next" (for intermediate beginners)

› German Language Course "Let’s speak German" (for advanced learners)

Each course comprises two lessons per week (which amounts to a total of 30 lessons in a semester). Participants agree to a co-payment of 45€. Find more information on the course times and content as well as the application form here.

Panel Session "Science Policy Interfaces: Chances and Pitfalls"


Panel Discussion "Science policy interfaces:

On Wednesday, 29 November, a public panel discussion will take place at the Research Academy Leipzig. Opportunities and pitfalls at the interfaces of science and political influence will be discussed.

Interfaces between science and politics are the topic of an alumni symposium organised by the Leibniz Program of the Research Academy, to which former doctoral researchers and Leibniz professors will return to Leipzig between 27 November and 1 December.

Everyone interested is cordially invited to the panel session on November, 29 at 5pm at the Research Academy Leipzig (Wächterstraße 30, 04107 Leipzig).

The event is public and free. Upon request, childcare can be provided during the event.


  • Dr. Susanne Koch (TU München)
  • Dr. Justus Lentsch (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)
  • Dr. Anett Richter (German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research Leipzig)
  • Dr. Christian von Soest (Research Academy Alumnus, German Institute of Global and Area Studies Hamburg)
  • Dr. Joram Tarusarira (Research Academy Alumnus, University of Groningen)
  • Moderation by Prof. Monia Wohlrab-Sahr (Director of the Leibniz Programme of Leipzig University)

We move!


Photo: Swen Reichhold

The Research Academy Leipzig moves out of its premises at Burgstraße on October, 23 into the Villa Tillmanns at Wächterstr. 30. From October, 24 on all workshops take place at the new location.  

Invitations for fled scientists and academics through the Leibniz Programme


Various scientific institutions, such as the GRF (German Research Foundation), are currently offering scientists, who are being threatened in their home countries or became refugees, the opportunity to visit German Universities...

As part of their internationalisation agenda, the Leibniz programme, too, is providing funding to allow such guest invitations.

In the course of these invitations, the rule stands that invited scientists need to contribute to the graduate education of the Research Academy. Public events on the current situation of scientists or the general situation of the scientists’ countries of origin are very welcome as well.