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Photo: Felix Mayrl

In addition to providing advanced training, Leipzig University offers funding options specifically for postdocs

Travel Allowance for active Conference Participation

The Research Academy allows early postdocs under specific conditions to apply for travel allowances. The prerequisites for applying are as follows:

  • The applicant has to qualify as an early postdoc, i.e. the applicant had to have received the doctoral degree within the last two years  (Parental leave periods can be taken into account in determining status).
  • Employment contract with Leipzig University
  • Membership in the Research Academy
  • Active participation in the form of a lecture or poster presentation

The application form for a travel allowance should be sent to us at least 6 weeks prior to the date of travel.

Travel allowances will be awarded for up to 1.000 € for travel outside of Europe and up to 650 € for travel in Europe. Depending on demand, we reserve the right to grant smaller allowances. An allowance for daily expenses cannot be provided.

Funding for Research- and Networking Stays

The Leibniz Programme at the Research Academy is committed to promoting academic exchange across disciplines, national borders, and generations. To this end, the Research Academy provides postdocs with the opportunity through Leibniz TRAVEL to apply for funding for research- and networking stays at international universities and research institutes. Furthermore Leibniz INVITATIONS enables postdocs to invite  international scientists to Leipzig University for lectures, symposia, workshops on methodology and similar events.

Support and Service Programme for International PhD Students and Postdocs

The "Support and Service Programme for International PhD Students and Postdocs" (STIBET), established by the DAAD, aims to create specific measures that offer supervision and are tailored to the needs of young international scholars.

Assistance with Applications for Third-Party Funding

Postdocs have the possibility of applying for third party funding. These external funding opportunities range from DFG (German Research Foundation) applications for an individual position to various scholarships offered by the EU. For information and application assistance, the Department of Research- and Transfer Service of Leipzig University is available to assist you.

Consultation on International Stays Abroad

During the postdoc period, it is not unusual to travel abroad in order to gain international experiences. Jane Moros at Leipzig University’s International Office is available to offer advice for this purpose. One can also find additional information on financing international stays abroad at the DAAD, the largest provider of funds for international travel.