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Photo: Swen Reichhold

Networking at the University

Until now postdoc groups at Leipzig University have barely been visible, due in no small part to a deficit in networking that also manifested as a lack of interest representation. There has also been the problem of defining who exactly qualifies as a postdoc.

The Research Academy would like to offer postdocs a platform for:

  • Exchanging experiences about pursuing an academic career,
  • Promoting interdisciplinary projects
  • Developing contacts with postdocs at non-university research institutes
  • Building a stronger network with other scholars within the research profile areas of Leipzig University

To achieve this aim, we make available not only the necessary space for this exchange but also, if needed, financial resources. The Research Academy team will be happy to assist you.

In the framework of collegial consultation, the Research Academy offers the opportunity to meet regularly in a structured format in small, interdisciplinary groups. In these systematic consultation sessions, initially led by a coach, postdocs can discuss with colleagues career issues and key topics and develop common solutions.


Networking in the Scientific Community

Visibility and networking in the scientific community are essential factors for a successful career and require mutual support and a continuous exchange of information. In particular during the postdoc stage, networks allow one to achieve recognition, gain access to academic positions, and open up possibilities for cooperation and collaboration.

To assist in career building, the Research Academy offers, among other things, workshops on networking strategies and on communication and presentation techniques. Postdocs have the possibility of applying for financial grants for active conference participation and other networking activities through the postdoc programme and the programme Leibniz mobil. Specifically for female postdocs pursuing a professorship, we offer a mentoring programme as part of the University Partnership Halle – Jena – Leipzig.