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Photo: Swen Reichhold

Within the framework of Leipzig University’s personnel development strategy, the Research Academy endeavours to support postdocs through interdisciplinary workshops, travel allowances, and other events.

In the case of postdocs, the Research Academy distinguishes between the following target groups:

  • Early Postdocs (up to 2-3 years after completion of the doctoral degree)

The early postdoc stage is the period in which the groundwork for a young scientist’s future career is laid. Once the dissertation project has been completed, a decision about the desirability of staying or leaving the academic system needs to be made. Ideally, the decision to stay in academia or to transition to the non-university labour market should be made within two years of completing your doctoral degree. The earlier you establish your career goals and critically evaluate your options, the sooner you can begin preparing for and pursuing your identified professional career.

  • Advanced Postdocs (at least 2 years after completion of the doctoral degree)

The advanced postdoc stage is geared toward the securing of a professorship or a leadership function at a scientific institution. This objective can be achieved through the traditional route of completing a Habilitation or alternatively by acquiring a leadership position in a junior research group or through a junior professorship. The key component of this stage is building and improving one's portfolio and recognition as a scholar. This includes developing your scientific visibility through publications, lectures, teaching and the acquisition of third party funds, as well as academic autonomy, cooperation, and project coordination. According to the Research Academy Leipzig’s current estimate, the advanced postdoc stage lasts roughly eight years, taking into account parental and family leave time.